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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm back!

I've been gone for so long! For personal reasons, I've been unable to post (or cook much) this past month, but I think I'm back in the game now. I thought I'd share some pictures from this past months little cooking we did - mostly all for special occasions or traditions that we couldn't let pass by.
All three kiddos had Bdays, so you get to see three cakes that my husband helped me make (what a man!) (The holes in the second cake above are from the candles being taken out! Still haven't gotten the better pics of that cake on the computer)
The third picture is a picture of Baked Alaska from New Years eve. We had friends over to celebrate, and we watched Julia Childs make Baked Alaska from the Julie & Julia DVD extra, and then bought the ingredients. It wouldn't light on fire as much as the show (we then rewatched later, and realized we forgot the step about warming the liquor. It's a layer of angel food cake, chocolate hazelnut ice cream, with meringue (made by my wonderful MIL!!). You then singe the edges with a torch, pour a little brandy over it, and light it on fire. viola! :)

The last pictures shows our Christmas morning tradition of making apple Pannekoeken (oven puffed pancakes) with the kids.
More to come soon!!