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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Disney On Ice Denver 2010

We had the amazing opportunity to attend Disney on Ice at the Pepsi Center on Thursday night.  We had the best seats in the 8th row center!  (I was hoping to write about this on Friday but have not been feeling well.)  We have still been talking about that night though, as we such such a wonderful time!

We got to come early and meet Mickey and Minnie, and the kids got their pictures taken with them (to follow, hubby took the camera out of the country on a trip!)  They were so cute and wide eyed!  The characters were so friendly, and super cute!

It started out with the characters trying to figure out whose birthday it was, and a number where they all played keep away with the Mad Hatter's Hat.  Then there was a Fantastia number that was AMAZING with brooms dancing on ice, on screen, and coming down from the ceiling.  My daughters favorite was definitely the princesses!  They did a "How do you know?" (you're in love) number where they introduced each princess and they danced with their princes.  Mickey and Minnie throughout all of it were lost to each other and hopping all over the world trying to find each other again, so there were dances from all over the world.  There were also dances for many holidays. 

Probably my least favorite was the Halloween one, as we aren't into scary stuff, and I wasn't prepared for it.  Otherwise, my favorite was definitely the amazing finale!  All the characters were on the ice, and there were fireworks, and huge ribbons and fabric coming down from the ceiling.  The kids loved the finale too!

The take home souveniours were expensive which was expected.  Expect to spend at least $15 per kid for something decent to take home.   Be prepared for people walking the isles trying to sell you stuff too!

I am so thankful to Feld Entertainment for the opportunity to attend, and for the tickets to give away! 

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AC said...

We attended the matinee on Thursday. Our first grade girl and guest boy thought the halloween part was the best part. Go figure. We buy the best seats available to make sure the kids, from youngest to oldest, are actively engaged. To do this we do not buy treats or any of the souvenirs.

So many families avoid these shows because even if they can swing the tickets, snacks and toys make the trip to expensive. Our kids have been taught that being at the show is their treat or present. We remind them "their treat is their ticket". After six+ years of going to these shows they can walk by the concession and toy stands without flinching. We do not even have to say no. Besides many of the same toys are available at the Disney Store for half the cost.

As the kids get older I hope they will understand the reason for the choice. They will have memories of the many shows they have had the opportunity to enjoy, from the Pepsi Center to the Buell, that would not have been possible otherwise.